Tribal Fusion Education Programme mit Alexis Southall in Karlsruhe- Ausgebucht!

An intensive education programme delivering detailed training in the fundamentals of Tribal Fusion bellydance technique and stylisation. Limited to 10 participants, the programme is structured over 5 group meetings totalling 25 hours of instruction, alongside 2x 1 hour online/in-person sessions on an individual basis through the course of the programme and 2 video feedbacks. We will go deep into the foundations of technique that will serve you for everything else you will do in Tribal Fusion.

The full course syllabus covers the following:
* Easy to implement conditioning and drills for your practice
* Lessons in musicality
* Foundation level finger cymbal training
* Tribal bellydance history
* Special topic focuses on subjects such as West Coast Vintage Bellydance style, dancing slowly, creative isolations, and performance dynamics
* Development of a solo performance through feedback from the group, which will be performed at a show Rockin‘ Away the Cold on the 23rd of January 2021.

We will stay connected throughout the course, co-developing your personal goals and working on understanding your own artistic interests and vision. As part of the course, you will cultivate artistic expression, respectful ambition, and learn to offer critique to yourself and your peers through the development of a choreographic project. You get the benefit of individual attention and working as part of a small, focused, dedicated group, growing as a dancer and as an artist with guidance from an established teacher and performer in the style. Class size is kept intentionally small so that the students can benefit from a course that focuses its attention solely on them and their  goals.

Dates: Always on Saturdays, 12-17 pm. 14th of March, 9th of May, 11th of July, 3rd of October and 28th of November 2020.

Registration opens on the 15th of October 2019.

Price for TFEP: 350€     Special offer by taking TFEP & ITS Auftrittsproject: 550€

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