Tribal Fusion Addicted with Alexis Southall


Dancer. Instructor. Choreographer. Director. Producer. Alexis Southall is a professional dancer from the UK working internationally, sharing her extensive knowledge of fusion bellydance – a contemporary and experimental approach blending the cultures of the East and West.

As an eternal student of dance and movement, Alexis is a qualified Level 3 Mat Pilates instructor, Balletfit instructor, and holds many dance qualifications. She is certified to teach Levels 1-4 of U NMATA’s Improvisational Tribal Style bellydance format, and is certified Level 2 of Zoe Jakes’ DanceCraft and Jamila Salimpour formats, Level 1 in Suhaila Salimpour format, as well as FatChance BellyDance General Skills for ATS, and Ashley Lopez’s Integrated Dance programme.
Alexis has had the privilege to be an invited guest teacher and performer in 21 countries to date, and is known for her precise technique, flawless musicality and her generosity as an instructor.

Her Tribal Fusion Addicted-intensive weekend in Karlsruhe can be both booked as a 10-hour intensive (with a certificate) until May, the 15th, or as separate workshops, from May, the 15th onwards.
The maximum number of students will be 13.

Saturday, 7th of July 2018.

Workshop 1: Tribal Fusion Roots – West Coast Vintage Bellydance Technique (3 hrs) (11:00-14:00)
This workshop will draw from vocabulary developed on the West Coast of America in the 1960s-70s and beyond, taking influence from the greats such as Jamila Salimpour, Katarina Burda and John Compton. We will breakdown and drill a variety of moves that are typical of this style, and put this together into a short choreography. This is the root language of Tribal Fusion – you will be able to identify similarities to American Tribal Style (ATS) in the vocabulary and see the lineage through to classic Tribal Fusion techniques.
Come enjoy, and don’t forget your zills! ;-)
Level: From intermediate.

Tribal Fusion – Fluid & Strong (2hrs) (14:30-16:30)
Tribal Fusion is best known for its two contrasting movement styles – the liquid fluidity and the punchy isolations. This workshop will focus on the fluid side of Tribal Fusion. We will begin with a Pilates based warm up which will focus on giving you conditioning exercises for the muscles used in bellyrolls, undulations, mayas, taxeems, sidewinders and liquid arm waves. Alexis will guide you through drills and combinations utilising these movements, and working with the concept of seamless transitions and energy flow. We will work on the beautiful, languid feeling of dancing slowly, elegantly and purposefully.
Level: From intermediate.


Sunday, 8th of July 2018.

Tribal Fusion – Isolations and Layering (3hrs) (12:00-15:00)
Looking at the other side of Tribal Fusion, this class will focus on isolations and layering. After a quick warm up, we will spend some time building speed and precision in our isolations and working through some tricky isolation patterns. Alexis will give tricks and tips on how to increase speed and how to develop creative and unexpected isolation patterns, and how to link them to your music. In the second part of the class we will work on across the floor layering technique, turns and shimmies, as well as combining unexpected layering choices. This class will be challenging for the brain as well as the body!
Level: From intermediate.

Contemporary Tribal Fusion Choreography (2hrs) (15:30-17:30)
We’ve drilled the technique, now let’s put it into practice and combine with some new ideas. This class will be a choreography class drawing on the variety of influences that Alexis draws from for her own style. Expect to see plenty of Tribal Fusion technique as well as movements inspired by Jazz, Hip Hop, House and more.
Level: From intermediate.

Price of the intensive (with certificate): 150€
Price of the separate workshops:
2-hour workshop: 37€
3- hour workshop: 42€

Registration: E-Mail to
Workshop-Location: OMNIA-Studio für Tanz & Bewegung, Schleinkoferstr. 2a, 76275 Ettlingen (near Karlsruhe), Germany.
The organizer doesn’t take any responsibility for robbery or injuries that may happen during the workshops.
After booking you intensive/workshops, you can still cancell your spot in the two weeks right after your booking. In this case you will get your money back.
The total amount of the workshop costs will also be given back in this case: sickness (medical certificate required).
In case of absence on that weekend/day no money will be given back. But you can try to sell your spot to someone else.