Friday, the 12th of October.

Workshop Location: OMNIA- Studio für Tanz & Bewegung, Schleinkoferstr. 2a, 76275 Ettlingen (Karlsruhe)

12-2 pm: Ashley López “Anatomy for Bellydancers”. All levels. Price: 39 euros.

Limited to 13 students.

As a belly dance teacher you’ll have heard all the yoga and Pilates terms used by those teachers, but how do they really apply to belly dance? What is the stuff you need to know to make you a better teacher? From the perspective of a dedicated yoga, Pilates, rehab, dance and fitness instructor with 15 years experience, Ashley will give you a grounding in the basic anatomy of belly dance, and help you learn how to use this information in your classes to improve your understanding of your own students, and to help you more fluently articulate your instruction as a teacher.


2:30-4:30 pm: Ashley López “Jaw Dropping Trickster”. All levels. Price: 39 euros.

Limited to 13 students.

This class is designed to help you train for those spectacular pivotal moments that require athleticism and grace. Interested in sizzling floorwork? You’re in the right place!  You will be taken through a thorough full-body cardiovascular warm-up and proceed with exercises designed to help you develop front splits, side splits, and backbends. As class progresses, you’ll be given options for various beautiful poses (both on the floor and standing balance poses) that you can insert into your dance.  We will discuss how to train safely and most effectively, and how to play to your strengths on stage.  As time allows, you will be taken through transition techniques, to help you get into and out of these beauties seamlessly.


5- 8 pm: Una Shamaa “Gothic Fake Lore”. All levels. Price: 35 euros.

Limited to 13 students.

When we want to represent traditional folklore from foreign countries, we research the typical repertoire of moves, costumes, gestures, and so on.

If we follow all the rules and we exaggerate them a bit, we will have a “caricature” rather than the folklore dance we were planning to show. And this will lead to irritation from the side of the citizens from the country whose folklore we are trying to portray.

On the other hand, the Gothic sub-culture is here in Europe nothing „exotic“ but, what happens when people try to “dance like a gruftie”? Can we create Gothic fusion, even if we don’t define ourselves as Goths? And what about all those dancers being Goths? Do they always create Gothic fusion?

This workshop will invite to discussing the Gothic subculture. Moreover, we will experiment how it feels to dance several Gothic “archetypes” to be able to create something unique and personal. Forget all your clichés and free your dark side!


Saturday, the 13th of October.

Workshop Location: Tanzgalerie Karlsruhe, Stephanienstr. 29, 76133 Karlsruhe

10-12 am : Ashley López ” A Brilliant Composition”. All levels. Price 39 Euros.

Limited to 20 students.

This course is offered to dancers who are interested in the creativity aspect of making a complete artistic piece.  We will discuss compositional techniques for choreographies and structured improvisations, music mapping, dynamics, building themes and how to navigate the stage as a soloist versus group dynamics.  Other topics we will explore include making a creative space, scheduling creative time, staying focused and motivated and finding sources of inspiration, as well as using costuming, lights and music to fully express your vision.  Bring your ideas, notepads and past works if you have any.  Be ready to create on-the-spot and to also go home with homework!


12:15-2:15 pm: Josefine Wandel ” Masala- Indian Fusion inspired by Rajasthani Dance & Slow ATS”. Level: Intermediate. Price: 35 euros.

Limited to 20 students.

In this workshop Josefine will be teaching some Indian Fusion combinations which mix the different dance styles from Rajasthan with some beautiful ATS® slow moves. And the result will be a powerful display of fireworks making you all look elegant and graceful.


2:30-4:30 pm: Una Shamaa ” Expression in Dance”. All levels. Price: 35 euros.

Limited to 20 students.

Una Shamaa’s dance style is unique due to the intensity of her expressive work. Her approach to dance expression is a very personal one and in her workshops on this topic she takes the dancer to a trip of experimental self-discovery. Whatever you dance, if you are looking to improve to stage presence and your stage skills, this workshop is a MUST.



ORIENTAL VARIETÉ SHOW at 8pm.  All informations are coming. If you would like to be a part of our show, please book at least 2 workshops  and send a Youtube video link.


Sunday, the 14th of October:

Workshop Location: Tanzgalerie Karlsruhe, Stephanienstr. 29, 76133 Karlsruhe

10:00-12:00: Natalie “Muwashahat-Lamma Bada”. All levels. Price: 35 euros.

Limited to 20 students.

The song „Lamma Bada“ belongs to the pieces any bellydancer should know. Its origin is a poem from the 10th century where the author expresses his eternal love to his beloved.

The rhythm of this song is a 10/8 Samai Takiel. In this workshop Natalie will share with you her knowledge on the Muwashahat and on the rhythm Samai.


12:30-2:30 pm : Natalie “Whirling Fascination”. All levels. Price: 35 euros.

Limited to 20 students.

Turning is a fascinating topic both for the audience and the dancer. Turning on the spot for several minutes and then stopping to dance on without getting dizzy is Natalie’s expertise. In this workshop Natalie will be sharing her tools with you so that you can master this whirling technique and stay focused during your turns.

Come join her in this absolutely life-changing workshop.


3:00-5:00 pm:  Ashley López ” Combo Frenzy”. Intermediate-Advanced. Price: 39 Euros. Limited to 20 students.

A few of Ashley’s favorite combinations and choreography chunks.  Come play with sequencing and expression set to fabulous music.  Challenge your brain and technique with a few different movement combinations which will include, turns,

isolations, arm work, layering and traveling.


5:30-7:30 pm: Josefine Wandel ” The Nectar of the Lotus” Indian Fusion Technique Drills. Level: intermediate. Price: 35 euros.

Limited to 20 students.

In this workshop Josefine will be sharing with you her more actual isolations and layering in her Indian fusion repertoire. Strong arms, Mudras, defined hip work, interesting layering, poses and turns are there. Highly recommended!


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The organizer doesn’t take any responsibility for robbery or injuries that may happen during the workshops.
After booking you intensive/workshops, you can still cancell your spot in the two weeks right after your booking. In this case you will get your money back.
The total amount of the workshop costs will also be given back in this case: sickness (medical certificate required).
In case of absence on that weekend/day no money will be given back. But you can try to sell your spot to someone else.