Born in Cádiz (Spain), Barakalofi is a dancer, teacher and choreographer of tribal fusion and Bollywood. After studying flamenco for longer than 10 years, she moves on to bollywood and bellydance and she first becomes an international artist in 2010, when performing in Chandigarh (India). This international career becomes stronger after winning 3 competitions in some of the biggest dance festivals: TribaLX in Lisbon, Tribal Fest in Hanover and East Coast in Virginia.

From 2012 onwards Barakalofi has been touring the world as team member of Bellydance Evolution, created by Jillina, performing in “The Dark Side of the Crown”, “Alice in Wonderland” and “Fantasm: Odissey of Dreams”.

As an organizer, she organises “Sahel-el-Nour”, the bellydance festival in Cádiz, together with Serenay and Nada Chouaib.

Workshops on Saturday,  16th of September

WS1: LADY MUSCLES (10:00-12:00)

This is it! Muscles are the key to make our tribal fusion movements stronger and more accurate. Arms, back, abs, glutes will be awaken to a new level of awareness. Pure technique to help you work with the body… and the mind ;-)

Level: Open Level                                                       Price: 35€ until 15.08/ 39€ from 16.08


WS2: KILL DRILL (12:30-15:00)

Bill: “How do I look?”

The Bride: “You look ready” (extracted from Kill Bill, Vol. 2)

Intense, but satisfying: this is the art of drilling. Welcome to a new level of body and mind awareness where we are going to explore all the possibilities our body offers us. Combinations, known stuff, new stuff…All the things that the tribal fusion dancer loves…And, of course, the best soundtrack from Tarantino’s movies will be accompanying us. And REMEMBER: “I wanna kill drill!

Level: Intermediate                                                 Price: 37€ until 15.08/42€ from 16.08


Workshops on Sunday,  17th of September


Welcome to Barakalofi’s playground! As the only fusion dancer who has mixed bellydance with Michael Jackson’s dance style, she will be showing you dance combinations based on fusion stuff and the moves of the king of pop. Be ready for a new dimension of fun and enrichment of your dance repertoire. Be ready for a mind- blowing workshop!

Level: Beginner/Intermediate                                  Price: 35€ until 15.08/39€ from 16.08


WS4: DOWN IN MEXICO (14:30-17:00)

Don’t miss Barakalofi’s choreography in the 50s style. Elegant, glamorous, expressive and full of charm and feminity, “Down to Mexico” is one her most acclaimed works.  If you are looking for inspiration, this is the place to be.

Level: Intermediate                                                 Price: 37€ until 15.08/42€ from 16.08

Info: www.latifah-abdel.de.  Inscription: E-Mail to info@latifah-abdel.de
Workshop-Location: Tanzgalerie Karlsruhe, Stephanienstrasse 29, 76133 Karlsruhe, Germany.
The organizer doesn’t take any responsibility for robbery or injuries that may happen during the workshops.

The total amount of the workshop costs will be given back just in this case: sickness (medical certificate required).